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Google, Microsoft and Many More to Speak at EMA's 25th Annual Meeting

September 22, 2021 11:45 AM | Lauren LeMunyan (Administrator)

We are excited to share our all-star line up of industry experts for EMA's 25th Annual Meeting on October 12 & 13, 2021. Join us in Austin or from the comfort of your screen.

Hear from the following panelists and presenters:

  • Maud Texier, Head of Energy Development, Google
  • Brian Rybarik, Director, Energy Markets,  Microsoft
  • Ben Gerber, M-RETS
  • Ali Shajrawi, Manager Environmental Markets & Trading, LS Power
  • Michael Leschke, Director, Certification Programs, Center for Resource Solutions
  • Michael Enger, City of Austin 
  • Bob Shults, Head of North American Markets, Xpansiv 
  • Stephanie Harris, Director Carbon Markets, 3Degrees
  • Scobie Mackay, Macquarie
  • Matt Lithgow, Carbon Pulse
  • Adam Raphaely, Mercuria
  • Natasha Beilstein, Manager of Renewable Fuels Market, WM Renewable Energy

Sessions Include:

Net Zero to Negative: How Big Tech Is Pushing Into The Next Frontier Forum (45 minutes)

When you are Google and Microsoft, you think big. Hear how these tech giants are going well beyond the popular climate pledges to set new carbon standards.  Google is pushing for 24/7 carbon-free energy while Microsoft is going carbon negative.  What will it really take for these global companies and what will be the role of environmental markets to get there? Sometimes it takes negative thinking, 24/7. 

Breaking Down the Complexities of Hourly REC Markets (15 minutes)

As corporates and even some governments look at a 24/7 renewable market, how will the existing market evolve to meet these demands. M-RETS was the first REC tracking system to complete an hourly retirement in collaboration with Google, and this discussion will explore hourly RECs as well as thoughts on clean peak standards and other programs that rely on more granular market data.

The Great REConing: How RECs are Emerging (75 minutes)

As states and companies get more aggressive on renewable targets, compliance and voluntary REC markets are showing unprecedented growth. Our panel of RECsperts will explore these ever-changing markets and what is driving them today and, in the year, ahead. Just how big can RECs get?

Updates in Offshore Wind & What it Means for the Market (30 minutes)

The Mechanics of Digital Natural Gas and the Methane Performance Certificate (15 minutes)

The market for responsibly sourced fuels is growing.  New standards, improved GHG measurement, and evolving best practices now enable producers to issue digital assets, including Digital Natural Gas, that precisely quantify the environmental impact of their production methods and facilities, including methane emissions intensity, other GHG attributes, and water usage. This presentation will review the mechanics of Digital Natural Gas (including the Methane Performance Certificate) and provide practical insights gleaned from producers, marketers, and utilities involved in recent transactions.  

Summer Of Fun:  Carbon Markets Drivers and Dives (60 minutes)

This past summer, North American carbon markets were on a tear. CCAs, RGGI and Voluntary Carbon markets not only posted record prices but attracted new, influential participants as well.  Our panelists will dissect and debate the who, what, why and where of carbon markets.  What role will policy play? What's next for compliance and voluntary carbon markets? What impacts might EUAs have on North American carbon? And just who or what could sink these markets in the coming months?

Page Turner: Writing the Renewable Fuels Thriller (60 minutes)

Like every good suspense novel, renewable fuels markets are full of promise, politics, conflict and potential. Our panel of renewable fuels experts will provide an in-depth examination of what is happening at the state level in California, Oregon and soon enough in Washington, and contrast that with the topsy-turvy EPA markets. What is next for the West Coast LCFS markets and might we see the beginnings of a regional market? What policy moves will the EPA make in the near-term? And is there a national LCFS program taking shape? How might the EV trend impact all of this? This is a story with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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