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  • May 01, 2023 4:55 PM | Anonymous

    On April 28, 2023, EMA Board Vice Chair Christian Hofer of Sol System delivered a keynote speech at MIT's Sustainability Summit. During his talk on "The Ambition of Carbon," Hofer highlighted and amplified EMA's market principles as a critical component of making markets work.

    View the full presentation slide deck here.

  • April 24, 2023 11:06 AM | Anonymous

    [April 24, 2023 - Washington, DC] On Monday, April 24, 2023, The Environmental Markets Association submitted comments to The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) regarding RIN 3084AB15 Regulatory review, request for public comment: Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (“Green Guides”).

    Below is a brief summary of the submitted comments. The full comments can be viewed here.

    Dear FTC Commissioners:

    The Environmental Markets Association (“EMA”) appreciates this opportunity to provide input on the Green Guides related to the importance of maintaining integrity behind environmental attribute claims. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of our founding, the EMA is an industry trade association focused on promoting market-based solutions that utilize environmental instruments to solve environmental challenges. The EMA represents a diverse membership including large energy companies, renewable energy and carbon offset project developers, and environmental commodity market participants. EMA’s mission is to foster open, competitive, and tradable markets that deliver sustainable economic development in a cost-effective manner. In many ways, EMA’s recommended principles for market-based solutions, such as the importance of market oversight, closely align with the intent of FTC’s Green Guides. Whether it be in voluntary or compliance-driven environmental markets, it is essential to market stability and investor confidence that environmental marketing claims are not deceptive or fraudulent and do not undermine public trust. While our comments generally pertain to § 260.5 Carbon Offsets and § 260.15 Renewable energy claims, questions 1, 2, 9, 13, 17, 18, and 19 in Part A. General Issues and question 1 in Part B. Specific Claims are also addressed.

    The 2012 version of the Green Guides was an important step forward in the evolution of the carbon offset and renewable energy certificate (“REC”) markets. By providing guidance to sellers and purchasers on how to avoid misleading environmental marketing claims in relation to the sale, procurement, and retirement of these environmental credits, a straightforward framework was set that resulted in increased market confidence. This helped cultivate broader market participation on both the buy- side and sell-side, which has had a real-world positive economic development impact by supporting deployment of emission reduction and renewable energy projects through the creation of larger capital markets that finance sustainable infrastructure assets. Accordingly, the EMA strongly supports the continued use of the Green Guides and specifically, their support of market-based accounting when making environmental attribute claims. EMA suggests that only minor modifications are necessary to improve their effectiveness and decision usefulness. EMA further believes that it is not necessary to establish a rule-making that creates independently enforceable requirements as this would place the FTC in the inappropriate role of setting environmental policy.

  • March 06, 2023 1:26 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    [March 6, 2023 - Washington, DC] - The Environmental Markets Association announced today that their 27th Annual Meeting will be held in Denver, CO on October 1-3, 2023 at the Omni Interlocken Resort & Spa.

    The location was selected to provide a central hub that inspires networking, connection and learning.

    Registration is now open and available at the following link: 27th Annual Meeting

    Attendees are now able to book their hotel at a rate of $209+ per night using the following reservation link:

  • February 24, 2023 3:42 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    (February 24, 2023, Washington, DC) - The Environmental Markets Association announced today that they will be hosting a virtual Fireside Chat with Michael Macrae, Senior Manager, Scope 2, Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

    With the growing interest and mounting questions surrounding the upcoming GHG Protocol survey, this open discussion aims to provide clarity and clear direction for those looking to submit comments and feedback.

    The event will be held on Thursday, March 2nd at 3:00pm EST and is free to attend, but RSVPs are required.

  • November 25, 2022 1:14 PM | Anonymous

    EMA Dues Fee Changes for 2023

    The EMA Board of Directors recently approved an increase in the corporate and individual membership dues for 2023. Membership dues have not increased since 2017.  This increase allows EMA to provide and sustain enhanced member benefits including building and establishing strong partnerships with like-minded organizations and members to further the expansion and efficacy of environmental markets as well as reinforcing the support for committee initiatives and deliverables. 

    EMA has always operated on an efficient and lean budget and these increased fees reflect the continuously rising costs of doing business.

    Lock in the 2022 Rate for 2023 (

    The Board would like to extend the existing 2022 renewal rate for those companies looking to commit and reinvest in EMA. Any company or individual who renews and pays their fee prior to January 31, 2023 shall be able to do so at the current fee as shown below:

    Starting February 1, membership dues will increase as follows:

    • Gold Corporate: From $5900 to $7500

      • Includes: 

        • 4 Voting Memberships (valued at $6000)

        • 4 Complimentary Annual Meeting Passes (valued at $7580)

        • 4 Complimentary Regional Round Table Passes Valued at ($500)

        • Unlimited Webinar Access to All Employees

        • Hyperlinked Logo on website

    • Silver Corporate: From $4400 to $5000

      • Includes: 

        • 4 Voting Memberships (valued at $6000)

        • 2 Complimentary Annual Meeting Passes (valued at $3000)

        • 2 Complimentary Regional Round Table Passes  (valued at $250)

        • Unlimited Webinar Access to All Employees

    • Bronze Corporate: From $2900 to $3500

      • Includes 

        • 3 Voting Memberships (Valued at $4500)

        • Member Rates for Annual Meeting and Regional Round Tables

        • Unlimited Webinar Access to All Employees

    • Green Individual: From $1095 to $1500

      • Includes 

        • Member Rate for Annual Meeting and Regional Round Table Registration Passes

        • Complimentary Webinar Access

    • Blue Organization (NGO, Academic, Government): From $598 to $750

      • Includes Unlimited Webinar Access to All Employees

    Being an EMA member continues to be a smart investment for the industry and your organization. We encourage you to take advantage of the many benefits offered as part of your membership. If you have questions, please email  

  • November 14, 2022 9:32 AM | Anonymous

    Environmental Markets Association Annual Meeting a Success, Organization Poised for Growth to Meet Challenges Ahead

    The Environmental Markets Association recently held its annual meeting in person for the first time in three years, and JLN interviewed the EMA chairman, Jack Velasquez, about the meeting, the EMA and its plans.

    Velasquez talked about how the EMA promotes market based solutions for environmental problems and seeks to decarbonize the economy. 

    He mentioned that the EMA was lucky to get a terrific keynote speaker in Kathleen Barrón, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of Constellation. 

    He said it was great for the EMA to meet in person and the organization had a lot of energy at the conference, with a record 165 people in attendance. 

    The agenda featured the usual panels and keynotes about environmental products, but it also featured a deep dive into what the next generation of environmental markets is going to look like, Velasquez said. The market of the future is going to feature a 24/7 model where customers can really match their energy needs to the market, down to the minute. 

    The EMA has traditionally attracted trading firms, law firms, government officials and policymakers. Velasquez would like to see more corporate participation from universities as well. 

    Velasquez spoke about his plans for the organization in his role as chairman, having been re-elected at the meeting. He said he wants to get more people involved, especially from corporations, universities and law firms. There are challenges for environmental markets from those who are unbelievers in market based solutions, and he wants people who can help get the market message out.

  • October 13, 2022 12:27 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    [October 13, 2022, Washington, DC] The Environmental Markets Association (EMA) is proud to announce the re-election of Jack Velasquez of Marex Spectron and Laura Duklewski of Constellation. The two Board members were selected in an uncontested nomination process.

    Mr. Velasquez and Ms. Duklewski join a robust roster of industry professionals on the Board including Christian Hofer of Sol Systems, Stephen McComb of IncubEx, Sean Barwin of CBL Markets, Ken Nelson of Blue Delta Energy and Lance Titus of Uniper.

    During the in-person Board Meeting following the 26th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD, the Board unanimously voted for the following officers:

    Chairman, Jack Velasquez

    Vice Chairman, Christian Hofer

    Treasurer, Stephen McComb

    The Board welcomes ideas, input, and participation from the membership through the three volunteer-led EMA committees: EventsMarket PrinciplesPolicy Advocacy


    About EMA

    The Environmental Markets Association is a 26-year-old pro-environment, pro-business, pro-competitive markets industry trade association with a mission to promote open, competitive and tradable market-based solutions to solve environmental challenges while simultaneously supporting sustainable economic development. EMA does this through education, advocacy, and networking opportunities for its members and the public. Learn more and join today at

  • October 05, 2022 11:02 AM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    [Washington, DC - October 5, 2022] - On October 3, 2022, The Environmental Markets Association welcomed its highest attendance in 15 years to Baltimore, MD for their 26th Annual Meeting. Participants from all sides of environmental markets convened at The Baltimore Waterfront Marriott for three days of networking, idea sharing and learning.

    EMA Chairman Jack Velasquez of Marex Spectron kicked off the meeting with insight and inspiration in his opening remarks:

    EMA is not the new kid on the block. We have a deep and rich twenty-six year history with our members. We know this market best. We helped design a lot of these markets by either working with policymakers, or working with program administrators. EMA is in a unique and integral position to unify and amplify our voices with our marketing principles and expertise.

    The need for education is greater now than ever before. EMA is all about our mission - to promote market-based solutions to help combat our environmental challenges. We strive to achieve this through sound public policy, industry best practices, effective education and training. And finally, we promote member collaboration. Even though we know how to have a good time, EMA and its members take our mission seriously. 

    There are massive advantages to well designed, policy driven environmental models. They are accountable. They are enforceable, and their success is proven. 

    Look at the growth of renewable generation. Over the course of the last 26 years, there were a few megawatts of California futures. Look at some of our cap and trade programs. CCA is and RGGI, it's a success, and it's going to continue to get more success and we are going to lower our emissions. 

    That's what it's all about. It's not just the environmental benefits. There are massive social benefits, like job creation, thanks to the IRA. We're going to have a lot more work in domestic manufacturing right here in the United States of America. We're gonna bring it back, it's going to help our economy. 

    Overall, the list goes on and on. The future is incredibly bright and we want you to have a role in EMA. Let's promote this mission and use the association as a platform to have your voice heard. And whether you're an energy trader or a broker, an academic or a policymaker, a sustainability officer working at a corporation, the EMA can equip you with the right market principles that will guide you in your mission and promote a properly well designed environment. It's really that simple. And this is how we're going to achieve a clean and reliable energy infrastructure.

    The energy and engagement continued over the next two days with open and lively discussions on Voluntary and Compliance RECs, Voluntary and Compliance Carbon, LCFS, and 24/7.

    Speakers included experts from the following organizations Constellation, LS Power, Lightsource bp, Intercontinental Exchange, 3Degrees, Center for Resource Solutions, STX, IETA, IncubEx, TransAlta, ClearBlue Markets, Mercuria, Verra, S&P Global Platts, WM, SRECTrade, M-RETs, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, AES, CEBI, WattTime, and LevelTen

    Click here to listen to the audio of The Opening Remarks.

    EMA members now have access to the recordings from the full event at the following link: 2022 EMA Recordings.

  • June 20, 2022 1:46 PM | Anonymous

    On June 17, 2022, EMA submitted comments and input on the Proposed Rule related to enhanced environmental, social, and  governance (“ESG”) disclosures for publicly traded corporations.

    To view the full submission to SEC, click here.

    To view additional comments submitted by EMA's Policy Advocacy Committee, click here. 

  • April 26, 2022 6:48 AM | Anonymous

    (Washington, DC) April 26, 2022 — The Environmental Markets Association (EMA) is proud to announce that the 26th Annual Meeting will be held on October 2-4, 2022, at The Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Following a hybrid offering of the Annual Meeting in 2021 in Austin, TX and a virtual-only option in 2020, the EMA Board is eager to get members and industry professionals together and will host regional Market Mixers leading up to the Annual Meeting.

    "The growth and groundswell we've seen in Carbon, RECs, and LCFS has been tremendous, and we can't wait to get members back together in person for our 26th Annual Meeting," said EMA Board Chairperson, Jack Velasquez of Marex Spectron. 

    He continued, "This event is the perfect opportunity to bring the industry together with policymakers to learn about upcoming trends, changes, and technologies impacting environmental markets. If you want to be a part of the conversation, EMA '22 is where you need to be."

    Recently appointed EMA Board Director, Laura Duklewski of Constellation shared, "Baltimore is excited to welcome EMA's 26th Annual Meeting. With a super convenient location, amazing water views, and great food options, we knew this was the perfect spot for EMA members to network, learn and connect."

    For more information on registration, hotel, and sponsorship opportunities for the Annual Meeting please visit: 

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