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  • April 28, 2021 7:25 AM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    [April 28, 2021] - The Environmental Markets Association Board is proud to announce the return of Lauren LeMunyan in the role of Executive Director.  Ms. LeMunyan previously served in this role from 2005-2016.

    During her 11-year tenure with EMA, Ms. LeMunyan created the Regional Round Table Program, facilitated over fifty Webinars and Annual Meetings and fostered relationships with key NGOs, media partners, and supporting organizations.

    Lauren brings a wealth of experience, resources, and creativity to the organization as well as a deep passion for connecting people and ideas.

    "EMA is a special group that creates the space for seemingly different perspectives and experiences to not just come together, but to learn and understand from one another," said Lauren LeMunyan. "EMA's Market Principles and Best Practices along with the quarter-century of history of our members in the market, position EMA to be a leading force in advocacy, education and networking. I am looking forward to re-engaging with longstanding and new EMA members and industry partners to elevate the profile of environmental market-based solutions." 

    If you’d like to schedule a time to provide insights and feedback, please contact Lauren at or 202-446-1641 and save the date for the upcoming EMA Member Town Hall on Friday, May 14th.

    SAVE THE DATE – EMA MEMBER TOWN HALL - May 14th 4:00pm EDT The EMA Board will be hosting an EMA Member Town Hall on Friday, May 14th to discuss the future vision and strategy of the organization. This is also an opportunity to ask questions, volunteer for committees, and connect with fellow members. Register here.


    About EMA

    The Environmental Markets Association (EMA) is a as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit US-based trade association representing the interests of companies that are involved in the trading, legislation and regulation of environmental markets.  EMA promotes market-based solutions for environmental challenges through sound public policy, industry best practices, effective education and training, and member networking. EMA represents a diverse membership including large utilities, emissions brokers and traders, exchanges, law firms, project developers, consultants, academics, NGOs and government agencies.  EMA is a pro-business and pro-environment industry trade association that advocates for competitive and tradable market-based solutions for solving the world's most pressing environmental challenges, while simultaneously contributing to economic development. 

  • April 27, 2021 9:34 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    (April 27, 2021) - Duke Energy is rebranding its renewable energy businesses as Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions. The brand unifies products and services offered by Duke Energy Renewables, REC Solar, and Duke Energy One.

    The unified brand will partner with companies to provide projects at scale, specifically offering financing, planning, construction and installation, fleet electrification, off-site renewables, distributed generation, energy resiliency, and management services.

    The business unit will be run by Chris Fallon, who will serve as president of Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions. Fallon is a 21-year veteran of the company and previously was president of Duke Energy Renewables. He earlier was vice president of nuclear development.

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  • April 21, 2021 10:40 AM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    CHANHASSEN, Minn.April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Online printer demonstrated its commitment to leading the print industry in environmental stewardship through a purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets from 3Degrees, Inc. Smartpress' Carbon Neutral Program offsets 100% of the company's emissions and those made by energy partners on their behalf.

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  • April 19, 2021 2:52 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, SYDNEY — Xpansiv, a global trading platform for ESG-inclusive commodities, today announced the first trades of the Nature-Based Global Emissions Offset™ (N-GEO) on Xpansiv market CBL. Participants supporting the contract include Hartree Partners, Everland, Allcot, Cargill International SA, ClimatePartner, Evolution Markets, Gazprom, Macquarie Group, U.S. Venture, and Viridios Capital. First day volume totaled 131,215 mtCO2e with prices ranging from $4.00 to $5.00.

    Announced last month, the N-GEO™ contract is composed of eligible voluntary offsets from Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) projects with additional Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) accreditation. The CCB Standards can be applied to eligible land-management projects, promoting innovation from early-stage project design through development and implementation. Eligible projects will be carefully vetted under the CBL Standard Instruments sProgram rules, which also govern the Global Emissions Offset™ (GEO™) contract—the first in this series of standardized contracts developed by Xpansiv.

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  • April 14, 2021 2:41 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    Sacramento, CA., – April 14, 2021 — Today, Sol Systems announces the completion of solar energy systems totaling 6.5 megawatts (MW) at seven Walmart stores across California. The portfolio includes a mixture of solar energy systems installed on the rooftops and parking lot carports and offsets the average energy use.

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  • April 08, 2021 2:48 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    April 8, 2021 - San Francisco, CA - 3Degrees, a firm that helps organizations around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals, today announced that it is restructuring its Energy and Climate Practice into two teams, Climate Strategy and Power Markets, and adding several new leadership roles. 

    The move comes at a time when the company is experiencing a record number of requests to assist organizations around the world with their net zero commitments, and is designed to ensure the Energy and Climate Practice is increasingly well positioned to offer a full suite of global solutions tailored to every stage along each organization’s decarbonization journey — whether that customer is just getting started and needs assistance setting climate goals, has purchased global EACs to address its Scope 2 emissions and is now ready to enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA), or is interested in developing a new carbon project as part of its Scope 3 emissions reduction strategy. 

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  • April 07, 2021 2:57 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    London, 7 April 2021: Marex (the ‘Group’), an essential tech-enabled liquidity hub connecting clients to global energy, commodity and financial markets, has today reported record results for the year ended 31 December 2020. The Group continued its positive trajectory with its seventh consecutive year of increased adjusted operating profit before taxation, as well as diversified earnings across geographies, products and clients.

    The results were up across every metric, with the Group’s gross revenues up 37% at $762.4 million (2019: $554.9 million), net revenues up 18% at $414.7 million (2019: $352.2 million) and adjusted operating profit before taxation up 15% at $61.5 million (2019: $53.4 million). These results demonstrate the success of Marex’s business model and disciplined approach to risk management in an exceptionally challenging year in which, against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, Marex continued to expand through acquisition and ongoing organic growth.

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  • April 01, 2021 2:45 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    4/1/2021 - Chicago, IL - IncubEx, a developer for exchange traded environmental products, services, and technology solutions, is pleased to announce that Robert Gordon has joined as Chief Financial Officer. In his role, he will provide strategic financial and operational support for IncubEx.

    Gordon commented: “IncubEx is performing extraordinary work in bringing innovative exchange products to a wider audience of market participants. I am thrilled to join the team and to help IncubEx realize its full potential across more markets globally while strengthening its position as a leader in the environmental space.”

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  • January 30, 2020 8:33 AM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    Re: EMA Comments on New Jersey’s Staff Straw Proposal on Defining the Clean Energy Act of 2018’s Statutory Cost Caps

    Dear New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and Staff:

    The Environmental Markets Association (“EMA”) is pleased to help inform the design of New Jersey’s solar transition as required by P.L. 2018, c.17 (the “Clean Energy Act”). EMA recognizes and appreciates the immense challenge that the New Jersey (“NJ”) Board of Public Utilities (“BPU”) has been assigned with in the implementation of the CleanEnergy Act, particularly around the issues of the cost cap and the desire to promote solar growth in the State, while cost-effectively achieving a 50% renewable portfolio standard (“RPS”) by 2030.

    EMA is comprised of local, regional, and national member companies that have participated in NJ’s Class I renewable energy certificate (“REC”), Class II REC, and solar renewable energy certificate (“SREC”) market programs since inception, including early engagement in the actual setup and implementation of the original renewable portfoliostandard (“RPS”) and NJ SREC program. EMA Members have worked extensively to achieve the program’s targets and continue to interface with the RPS in multiple ways (e.g., as retail electricity suppliers, basic generation service providers, REC traders, REC brokers, REC marketplaces, REC aggregators, and as renewable energy project developers and investors).

    Thank you for your consideration of our comments attached in Appendix A. EMA’s answers here are limited solely to item #3 and discuss our rationale as to why we strongly discourage the BPU from taking any actions to reform or restructure the existing NJ SREC market since this will undermine the market’s integrity and result in significant contractual and financial damages for New Jersey’s clean energy industry. Previous comments filed by the EMA may also offer the BPU useful guidance on this proceeding. The EMA is ready to offer any additional assistance as needed by the BPU as New Jersey moves toward its clean energy future.

    View the Full Comments Here

  • January 20, 2020 2:54 PM | EMA Staff (Administrator)

    M-RETS announces that it now accepts exports from ERCOT! M-RETS supports open and transparent markets. If your current system does not have import/export with M-RETS, please contact them and ask them to establish a connection.

    The rules governing the Texas Renewable Energy Credit Trading Program do not provide a directive on exporting or importing files with other REC Trading Programs. Reasons to retire a REC in the Texas REC Trading Program include mandatory (compliance with the RPS mandate), voluntary and expired (still in the trading program when the REC reaches end of life). The Texas REC Trading Program does not export the REC, and any use of a REC retired in the Texas REC Trading Program by another REC Trading Program would be subject to that Trading Programs rules.

    In 2018 ERCOT added a process whereby Account holders can identify the reason for retiring a REC by adding an optional field where an Account holder could leave the field empty or enter “green-e” or “export”. To complete an export to M-RETS, the ERCOT Account holder must enter in the empty field, “Export to M-RETS” along with the date of the transaction. For example, if the export is initiated on October 1, 2018, for M-RETS to process the Export the field must read, “Export to M-RETS effective 10/01/2018.”

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