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Market Principles Committee

This Committee is focused on identifying and advancing market-based principles adopted by EMA, through the development and dissemination of educational resources and informational toolkits for EMA members and environmental market stakeholders. 

Chair: Christian Hofer, Sol Systems 

EMA Market Principles Committee Charter 

Approved by EMA Board March 5, 2022 


Purpose: The Purpose of this Committee is twofold: 

  1. To identify and advance market-based principles in support of EMA’s Mission to support open, competitive, and tradable market-based solutions for the cost-effective achievement of sustainable development; 

  1. To establish a forum by which EMA Membercan connect to study, research, debate, and publish educational resources for use by EMA Members, Policy Makers, and interested stakeholders on market design issues impacting EMA’s Mission and our industry. 

Governance: The EMA Board shall appoint a Committee Chair no less than annually who must be an EMA Member in good standing and a Member of the Board. The Committee Chair may appoint a Committee Co-chair who must only be an EMA Member in good standing. The Committee Chair is responsible for cultivating and maintaining the Committee’s Brand in producing thoughtful, high-quality, and well-researched educational materials. 

Permitted Activities: All published materials must support EMA’s Mission and adhere to EMA’s Board-Approved Market Principles. Committee Members are permitted to draft and submit materials for review by the Committee. All materials must be approved by the Committee Chair and the EMA Board through a majority vote. The Market Principles Committee and its Members are permitted by the EMA Board to publish the following types of materials: 

  • Market Principles – Sets of best-practice principles for environmental markets. 


  • Position Papers  Detailed, high-quality, and well-written research papers. 


  • Articles – Well-written topical articles that examine an industry issue. 


  • Blogs – Brief topical articles that examine an industry issue for EMA’s Website. 


  • Infographics – Compact visualizations that succinctly communicate market design. 


  • Presentations – Slide-based presentations for workshops and meetings. 


  • Case Studies – Past examinations of market successes and failures. 

Membership Requirements & Duties: Committee participants shall be Members of the EMA in good standing. Work created by Committee Members must adhere to EMA’s Board-approved Market Principles and be of extremely high-quality. Members shall always strive to use logical and evidence-based viewpoints in the creation of informational materials that advance market policy in line with EMA’s MissionViolation of this clause may be cause for Committee removal at the discretion of the Committee Chair in conference with the Board. 

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