About The Environmental Markets Association

Our Mission

EMA's Mission is to promote open, competitive, and tradeable environmental commodity markets and market-based solutions as a long-term, sustainable solution to solve environmental challenges.

About Us

The Environmental Markets Association (EMA) is a as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade association representing the interests of companies that are involved in the trading, legislation and regulation of environmental markets.

Founded in 1997 as The Emissions Marketing Association, EMA changed its name to The Environmental Markets Association in 2004 to reflect the growing benefits and applications of market-based solutions to solve environmental challenges. 

For twenty-five years, EMA has focused on promoting market-based solutions for environmental challenges through sound public policy, industry best practices, effective education and training, and member networking. 

EMA represents a diverse membership including large utilities, emissions brokers and traders, exchanges, law firms, project developers, consultants, academics, NGOs and government agencies.

EMA is a pro-business and pro-environment industry trade association that advocates for competitive and tradable market-based solutions for solving the world's most pressing environmental challenges, while simultaneously contributing to economic development.

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Our Board of Directors

EMA is managed by a Board of Directors whose members are appointed by the general voting membership for a period of three years. The Board of Directors is composed of the following directors:

Chairperson, Jack Velasquez, Marex Spectron

Treasurer, Dan Scarbrough, IncubEx LLC

Director, Sean Barwin, CBL Markets

Director, Christian Hofer, Sol Systems

Director, Ken Nelson, Blue Delta Energy LLC

Director, Joe Roenbeck, PSEG

Our Committees

Comprised of industry volunteers from all types and sizes of member companies, EMA committees work proactively for the mutual benefit of the industry. Current Committees include:

Our Staff

Lauren LeMunyan

Lauren returns to EMA with a fresh perspective on agile association management. She brings 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience mixed with innovative solutions to build community, share ideas and move the mission of the organization forward. Lauren served as Executive Director of EMA from 2005 - 2016 where she helped the organization whether the storms of market uncertainty and a global recession. In 2016 she stepped away from the industry to become a certified executive coach through ICF and has amassed over 2100 hours coaching overloaded professionals.  

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African Proverb

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