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Policy Advocacy Committee

This committee serves as the central clearing house for identifying, reviewing, and approving any action on policy matters as it pertains to local, regional, state and federal legislation that impacts EMA and its members.

Board of Directors Liaison: Ken Nelson, Blue Delta Energy

Email to request to join this committee.

Upcoming Committee Meetings are listed here.

EMA Policy Advocacy Committee Charter 

Approved by EMA Board March 5, 2022 


Purpose: The Purpose of this Committee is twofold: 

  1. To advocate for and advance market designs and policies in support of EMA’s Mission to support open, competitive, and tradable market-based solutions for the achievement of sustainable development; 

  2. To establish a forum by which EMA Membercan connect to identify, track, and collaborate on critical policy issues impacting EMA’s Mission and our industry, whether directly through the EMA, or indirectly as an individual group of Members. 

Governance: The EMA Board shall appoint a Committee Chair no less than annually who must be an EMA Member in good standing and a Member of the Board. The Committee Chair may appoint a Committee Co-chair who must only be an EMA Member in good standing. 

Permitted Activities: The Policy Advocacy Committee and its Members are permitted by the EMA Board to pursue the following activities: 


  • Convene Meetings for the Discussion of Policy Matters – Meetings shall be called by the Committee Chair or Co-Chair. Meeting minutes shall be recorded for each meeting. 


  • Submit Written and/or Oral Testimony to Policy Makers  Written and/or Oral testimony shall adhere to EMA’s Mission and Market Principles. EMA Members are permitted to draft written or oral testimony on any relevant issue for submission to and review by the Committee. All testimony must be approved by the Committee Chair and the EMA Board through a majority vote. 


  • Hold Meetings or Present Positions to Policy Makers and Interested Stakeholders – Any discussions, negotiations, and/or presentations must advance EMA’s Mission and adhere to EMA’s Market Principles.The Committee and its Members must refrain from advocating issues that discriminate one segment of market participants against another. 


Membership Requirements & Duties: Committee participants shall be Members of the EMA in good standing.Committee members have a responsibility to protect confidential information obtained during Committee participationthat is not used by Memberstrictly for the purpose of advancing market policy that aligns with EMA’s MissionViolation of this clause may be cause for Committee removal at the discretion of the Committee Chair in conference with the Board. 

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