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EMA Board Unanimously Approves Policy Priorities

April 03, 2024 9:06 AM | Lauren LeMunyan (Administrator)

In this document, EMA emphasizes the need for well-designed environmental markets, which are crucial for promoting efficient, cost-effective, and growth-oriented investments. These markets are seen as proven tools for addressing economic externalities and fostering substantial economic development alongside achieving sustainability targets.

In addition, the EMA's policy framework is built on key principles of market design which include openness, competitiveness, and tradability. The organization promotes open, non-discriminatory market access to production-based incentives, ensuring that all stakeholders can participate equitably. Competitiveness is fostered through enabling both producers and consumers to have choices in procurement and compliance. Lastly, the principle of tradability underscores the importance of floating, market-determined pricing and investment signals, facilitated through environmental commodity instruments like environmental attribute certificates (EACs). These principles are intended to create a dynamic and robust marketplace that can effectively meet environmental challenges while encouraging investments in sustainable development.

Over the year, EMA and the Policy Advocacy and Market Principles committee will be developing supplemental resources for members and supporters to access and leverage in their education and outreach initiatives.

More information can be found here.
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